Karmina Šilec

Masterclass CHOREGIE:- progressive and innovative vocal art form

In lecture on Choregie as a multi-disciplinary art form Karmina Šilec will talk on innovative programming, on stylistically and thematically researched projects, about artistic conception of stage projects, program building, improvisation as a practice of creativity, connections of body and mind, stage directing,visual parameters, etc.

Workshop of 5 CHOREGIE method elements:

  • Motion (moving, dancing),
  • Voice Exploratorium (vocalizing with extended vocal techniques),
  • Sculpting (training of body and mind),
  • Imagination (laboratory of experience),
  • Rituals (off stage).

For many years Karmina has had an intense focus on performing new music. She developed both artistic concept Choregie and a method for preparing ensembles to perform in new music stage productions. Choregie method is a combination of choir didactics, teambuilding, body and mind laboratory, voice Exploratorium and other. Altogether Choregie leads to higher performance abilities for each performer in the group as well as choir as such.

Session structure:

  • Lecture with video examples
  • Workshop: practical work on Choregie method with participants

Karmina Šilec has brought freshness and originality to the world of vocal music and theatre, opening new spaces of expression, persuasiveness, intensity of experience, and communication. Her projects are provocative, daring; her ideas break taboos, both those of the society and music. With her Choregie concept and its innovative interventions, she has opened wider artistic spaces and set trends worldwide. She is an artistic director of Carmina Slovenica and Choregie New Music Theatre, conductor, stage director, set designer and choreographer. She works with the most prominent festivals and artists worldwide and is considered as an interesting creative phenomenon. Karmina Šilec has received more than 20 highest international awards, among them prestigious ITI Music Theatre Now award in category Music beyond Opera and Robert Edler award for her contribution to the world choir movement.