Key speakers presented

1 January 2018

Curious who will be our Masterclass teachers at Eurovox 2018? What would you think of the Dutch grand dame of classical songs, Elly Ameling? And the Dutch music theater leading lady and voice teacher, Pia Douwes? Or Nelly Miricioiu?

Other Masterclasses will be taught by Ulrike Sonntag in classical repertoire and Mary Hammond Exploring the different demands of the singing profession n in CCM singing. And Inekel van Doorn en Marc van Vugt in “duo playing as a form”! Participants in these masterclasses will be the selected young professional singers of the EVTA YPP Programme.

Among the many other interesting speakers you'll find:

  • Karmina Silec on choregie,
  • Nigel Marshall on singing and dementia,
  • contemporary composer Camille van Lunen,
  • Bert van der Brink on improvisation,
  • Jane Oakland on singing and Psychology,
  • Wilma ten Wolde and Irene Verburg working with the Dutch National Youth Choir,
  • Sanne Graulund on connective tissue and singing,
  • Merel Martens and Maze who will show coöperation with a vocal coach, conductor and choreographer in a vocal group
  • Tido Visser on teaching students to cooperate with dancers, choreographers and directors in lied singing,
  • Bart Fermie,
  • pianist/ coach Brian Masuda,
  • Peter Renshaw.

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