Nelly Miricioiu

Masterclass “Io son l’umile ancella - The Journey from Singer to Master”

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Pia Douwes

Masterclass music theatre - connecting, acting and singing

Pia works with artists on their ‘total performance’, combining personal development, storytelling and vocal technique.

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Ulrike Sonntag

Masterclass (classical repertoire)

Extensive work on vocal technique, musical style, expression, interpretation, and performance. The aim is free sound, a personal musical design,and a convincing stage presence.

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Mary Hammond

Masterclass Exploring the different demands of the singing profession

Mary is aware of the demands of the singing profession and interested in exploring the vocal and performance skills both common and different to differing styles of music.

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Elly Ameling

Masterclass classical song repertoire

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Silbersee and Opera Forward Festival: adventures in opera making

A presentation about two remarkable forces in the Dutch opera field: the experimental opera and music theatre company Silbersee and Opera Forward Festival, an annual festival organized by Dutch National Opera.

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Ineke van Doorn en Marc van Vugt

Masterclass Playing in duo

In this master class Ineke and Mark will explain and illustrate why it is important to approach duo playing as a form in it self rather than as the traditional soloist with an accompanist.

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Laura Hassler

Musicians without borders

MwB’s founder and director, Laura Hassler, tells of the successes and challenges faced by a community of musicians dedicated to giving voice to the voiceless, bringing music to people struggling with the effects of war, and empowering musicians to be agents of social justice and peace around the world.

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Lieve Jansen

Round Table discussion

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Brian Masuda

Workshop- Are you easily assimilated?

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Peter Renshaw

Connecting, Collaborating and Social Engagement

How far are singers, along with instrumentalists and composers, working together and engaging creatively in such areas as education, health, well-being, social welfare and criminal justice across all age groups?

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Nigel Marshall

Lecture Seeking Asylum: The role of musical experiences in the promotion of health and well-being

The paper will explore the extent to which musical experiences, created by amateur and professional musicians can contribute to the overall levels of wellbeing in those living with dementia; those living in full time care and those receiving palliative care in a hospice.

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Nico Lambrechts

The role of osteopathy in the singing voice

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Camille van Lunen

Contemporary composing for voice

By writing a song text and/or setting it to music, putting yourself as it were in the steps of the composer, one gains tremendous insight into the vocal repertoire and will sing it differently.

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Merel Martens

Merel Martens & MAZE - Cooperation in a Vocal Group (open work session)

How can a vocal coach, a choreographer, co-conductors within the group and many initiatives strengthen the musical and social process? During this open work session Merel and MAZE will demonstrate their methods, create music 'in the moment' with you and answer your questions.

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Sanne Graulund

Workshop connective tissue and singing

Connected Singing - is a method Sanne has developed through many years of teaching. Through stretch, movement and sound we dissolve old body patterns that no longer support us. From here we build up the muscles that support the voice to perform and sing with flow from the inside and out.

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Bart Fermie

Workshop PATEMPA -Build Your Musical Body, Feet First-

Using feet, hands and voice, Bart Fermie turns movement, rhythm and melody into a musical experience, that will fire and rewire your brain.

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Jane Oakland

WHAT YOU THINK IS WHAT YOU GET: Psychology and the performing artist

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Bert van der Brink

Workshop Finding your freedom through improvisation

In this workshop Bert invites everybody to try to forget everything they have learnt and then start improvising. This way of creating something contributes in a pure way to experience personal freedom in music.

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Melissa Bremmer

The Pedagogical Body of Singing Teachers

In this presentation Melissa will take a closer look at how voice teachers can employ their body to facilitate the learning process of singing.

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Tido Visser

More than just a voice or the unnecessary downfall of Lied

In this session, Visser gives his view on what is needed to create singers, willing to cooperate with actors, dancers and visual artists to present Lied and choral music in a different way.

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Sarah Peire and Gert Leunen

Multidisciplinary care of the professional voice.

During this lecture Sarah Peire (singing teacher) and Gert Leunen (voice therapist) will present the multidisciplinary voice evaluation of professional voice users.

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Iris Goren

The singing body

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Moacyr Costa Filho

Body movements performed with the aid of elastic materials in singing (workshop)

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Moacyr Costa Filho

Body movements performed with the aid of elastic materials in singing (lecture)

This paper presents the study of proprioception based on body movements performed with the aid of elastic materials such as Swiss ball (SB) and elastic band (EB) during singing.

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Monika Kolasa-Hladíková

How to sense the body as an instrument (workshop based on oriental arts Qigong and Tai Chi).

The ancient Chinese martial and healing arts can help breaking bad postural habits and achieve body awareness.

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Marta Raviglia

VOICE as BODY and BODY as VOICE - Workshop about Group Practice of Voice through Movement and Improvisation

Marta Raviglia will introduce her own research about the relationship among voice, movement and improvisation.

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Eric van Grootel

The energy movement of the sounds of language as a base for warm-ups and interdisciplinary cooperation

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Tua Hakanpää

Teaching vocal improvisation through emotion expression

Tua will present her research which examines the possibilities of teaching improvisation using emotion portrayal as a raw material for generating different types of musical information.

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Bo Rosenkull

Working with working-actions - a brief insight in a part of the Laban-YAT-system used in singing

In this workshop Bo will give a brief insight in The working-action part of the Laban-YAT-system, and in what way it can be effective and serve as a complement in teaching singing. The method can be used both in individual lessons and in the work with choirs. It can be used as a tool both for technique and interpretation.

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Bo Rosenkull, Yvonne Schiffelers, Santisa Viljoen

What a wonderful world: international teaching-learning experiences in singing

This paper reports the findings of qualitative research that relied on the collaboration of three voice pedagogues and a number of senior voice students from Sweden, The Netherlands and South Africa.

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Simone Felber

Getting to know "Swiss Yodel"

This workshop gives an insight into the uniqueness of the swiss yodeling, underlining the natural yodel. We learn how to use voice and body to do it the right way and maybe to blend it with your own singing stiles into a new vocal fusion.

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Hanny van Lankeren

Training of female choral singers in their modal register to sing and sound as male tenors

This lecture is about a research project testing the hypothesis that male and female tenor should be able to create a similar vocal sound quality.

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Elisabeth Pawelke

Effects of Choir Singing on Vocal Health

Elisabeth Pawelke will present the results of her research on the question whether choir singing has negative effects on the vocal well-being.

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Aleksandra Popovska

From singer to reflective practitioner – performing in a multimedia environment implication on learning and teaching

In which ways can a singer or teacher benefit from doing an artistic research?

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Helene Lux Dryselius and Susanna Metsistö

Presentation of Balance in Phonation Voice Training

BiP™ (Balance in Phonation Voice Training), applicable to both speaking voice and singing voice training in all music genres, has been developed by the Finnish speech pathologist and voice pedagogue Ritva Eerola.

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Malene Bichel

Singing with an open mind towards time, style and culture.

How do we teach a voice technique and a culture of voice training that is open to all styles and to the creation of new styles, so voice teaching and voice training does not only become historical and ethnocentric?

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Leah Cotterell

Introducing ‘The Performer’s Toolkit’: a tool for reflection on the underlying processes of performance

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Eleanor Forbes

Programme planning: A multi-genre approach

This presentation discusses the benefits of the multi-genre approach in the voice studio or college situation and describes the planning process of a project at the Jazz Institute Berlin.

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Andreas Grussl and Jeffrey Skouson

Workshop the IVA method, communication between voice teacher and singer

In this workshop, Jeffrey Skouson and Andreas Grussl will demonstrate proven strategies from the IVA method that help to improve communication between singing teacher and singer and, as a result, also improve the singer’s learning experience.

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Françoise Vanhecke

The impact of ISFV® Inhaling Singing, a new extended technique

This lecture is a presentation about the impact of
ISFV®, Inhaling Singing in the vocal repertoire. This
new extended vocal technique is considered as a new expressive artistic art form of the 21st century.

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Stéphane Grosclaude

Training collective vocal practices in popular music: certification, international recognition & cooperation opportunities

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Bartolo Musil

"Like a desire": The erotic entanglement of words and music in fin-de-siècle song repertoire.

Singers produce words and music at the same time, thereby balancing two conflicting mechanics and logics. Bartolo Musil's research goes deeper into the technical, mental and interpretational implications of this encounter.

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Wilma ten Wolde, Irene Verburg, Netherlands Female Youth Choir

Masterclass choir singing and music education adolescents

In this open rehearsal with the Netherlands Female Youth Choir (age 16 - 29) Wilma and Irene will illustrate their work with focus on choice of repertoire, sight reading, inner musical imagination,
natural and healthy use of voice, free use of breath.

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