Nelly Miricioiu

Masterclass “Io son l’umile ancella - The Journey from Singer to Master”

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Pia Douwes

Masterclass music theatre - connecting, acting and singing

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Ulrike Sonntag

Masterclass (classical repertoire)

Extensive work on vocal technique, musical style, expression, interpretation, and performance. The aim is free sound, a personal musical design,and a convincing stage presence.

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Mary Hammond

Masterclass Exploring the different demands of the singing profession

Mary is aware of the demands of the singing profession and interested in exploring the vocal and performance skills both common and different to differing styles of music.

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Elly Ameling

Masterclass classical song repertoire

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Karmina Šilec

Masterclass CHOREGIE:- progressive and innovative vocal art form

Vocal music in creative freedom with Motion, Extended vocal techniques, Imaginations, Mind Sculpting and Rituals

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Wilma ten Wolde, Irene Verburg, Dutch National Youth Choir

Masterclass choir singing and music education adolescents

In this open rehearsal with the Netherlands Female Youth Choir (age 16 - 29) Wilma and Irene will illustrate their work with focus on choice of repertoire, sight reading, inner musical imagination,
natural and healthy use of voice, free use of breath.

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Ineke van Doorn en Marc van Vugt

Masterclass Playing in duo

In this master class Ineke and Mark will explain and illustrate why it is important to approach duo playing as a form in it self rather than as the traditional soloist with an accompanist.

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Brian Masuda

Workshop- Are you easily assimilated?

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Peter Renshaw

Connecting, Collaborating and Social Engagement

How far are singers, along with instrumentalists and composers, working together and engaging creatively in such areas as education, health, well-being, social welfare and criminal justice across all age groups?

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Camille van Lunen

Contemporary composing for voice

By writing a song text and/or setting it to music, putting yourself as it were in the steps of the composer, one gains tremendous insight into the vocal repertoire and will sing it differently.

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Merel Martens

Merel Martens & MAZE - Cooperation in a Vocal Group (open work session)

How can a vocal coach, a choreographer, co-conductors within the group and many initiatives strengthen the musical and social process? During this open work session Merel and MAZE will demonstrate their methods, create music 'in the moment' with you and answer your questions.

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Sanne Graulund

Workshop connective tissue and singing

Connected Singing - is a method Sanne has developed through many years of teaching. Through stretch, movement and sound we dissolve old body patterns that no longer support us. From here we build up the muscles that support the voice to perform and sing with flow from the inside and out.

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Bart Fermie

Workshop PATEMPA -Build Your Musical Body, Feet First-

Using feet, hands and voice, Bart Fermie turns movement, rhythm and melody into a musical experience, that will fire and rewire your brain.

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Nigel Marshall

Lecture Seeking Asylum: The role of musical experiences in the promotion of health and well-being

The paper will explore the extent to which musical experiences, created by amateur and professional musicians can contribute to the overall levels of wellbeing in those living with dementia; those living in full time care and those receiving palliative care in a hospice.

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Jane Oakland

Lecture singing and psychology

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Bert van der Brink

Workshop Finding your freedom through improvisation

In this workshop Bert invites everybody to try to forget everything they have learnt and then start improvising. This way of creating something contributes in a pure way to experience personal freedom in music.

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Tido Visser

In this session, Visser gives his view on what is needed to create singers, willing to cooperate with actors, dancers and visual artists to present Lied and choral music in a different way.

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