Sanne Graulund

Workshop connective tissue and singing

Connected Singing - is a method Sanne has developed through many years of teaching. We work on the fascia/connected tissue in the body in order to provide a platform for the voice to unfold. Through stretch, movement and sound we dissolve old body patterns that no longer support us. From here we build up the muscles that support the voice to perform and sing with flow from the inside and out.

Connections between body and voice - for singers the insight into the connections between jaw/abdomen, shoulders/knees, feet/larynx etc can be very useful. This method will change your habits and help you to move on, if you are stuck in your breathing or support and curious to find new ways to explore your voice and sound.

What is connected tissue? A fascia ( "band") is connective tissue fibers, primarily collagen, that form sheets or bands beneath the skin to attach, stabilize, enclose, and separate muscles and other internal organs.The tissues in the body maintains the form of the body and its organs and provides cohesion and internal support.

Presentation Friday 14.00-14.45: The ribcage - the amplifier.

The flexibility of the ribcage and opening of the breath is essential for singers who want to improve the quality of your voice. You will get exercises that has direct influence on your diaphragm and the ribcage. When this area is flexible, the next step is to connect the muscles that support the airflow. Through movement we engage the coordination and co-work in your body. This supports the airflow, the connection between the vocal-chords and the muscles that support the voice. Your voice becomes integrated, the sound and quality of it can unfold from the inside and out.

Presentation Friday 14.50-15.35: The larynx

In this workshop we look at the connections in the larynx from head, neck, pharynx, vocalchords, lungs, tongue and how all this is connected to the diaphragm and your breathing. You will get a brief insight and exercises to apply right away.

Sanne Graulund is a Danish singer, composer and voiceteacher. She has been associate professor at the Rhythmic Conservatory i Copenhagen for many years, and is now teaching at the Royal Danish Conservatory in Copenhagen as well working as a freelance voiceteacher and singer. She has released 4 Cd`s, written music for movies and has been musical director at several theatre plays in Denmark.

In her teaching Sanne is working with connective tissue and combining this work with traditional voicetraining. She has developed and the voicetraining online course

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