Jane Oakland

WHAT YOU THINK IS WHAT YOU GET: Psychology and the performing artist

The sport profession has long recognised the value of psychological research and application in helping athletes manage their performance. Psychology is gradually becoming an accepted resource in the music profession to help all performing artists aspire to confident performance. This workshop will take the form of an introduction to some basic psychological strategies including self- talk, vocal identity and managing performance arousal. Following the introduction, 3 x ten minutes slots will be allocated to participants who wish to explore the practical application of psychology in a performing environment. An accompanist will be available. The workshop is relevant to both performers and teachers

Jane has been a professional opera singer for 35 years. She began her career with Scottish Opera before moving to the Netherlands where she worked with de Nederlandse opera and Nationale Reis opera. During this time, she began a course of study into psychology for musicians which culminated in her PhD thesis ‘Giving Voice’: Exploring Enforced Occupational Change in Opera Choristers’ which investigated the implications of redundancy for a musical identity. She has presented at conferences world-wide and has several publications to her name on the subjects of musical identity and the careers of musicians. Jane is a registered mental skills trainer and practitioner with British Association of Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) and Psychology Module Lead on the Performing Arts Medicine MSc course at University College London.