Stéphane Grosclaude

Training collective vocal practices in popular music: certification, international recognition & cooperation opportunities

This new competence certification is crossing different practices (pop, rock, jazz, traditional and world music) and professions (teaching singing, conducting, project development). It is carried out by Interregional Platform - France and has been recognised by the legal French authorities. This competence is underestimated in Europe and abroad as a profession and in terms of recognition of the skills needed for (future) professionals.
However, there are several ongoing experiences in different countries, and existing curricula, but a lack of exchange on these process, capacity building and skills development.
The presentation will give an overview of this new competence certification and will address some issues to share with participants for potential partners/co-operators about:

  • Engaging exchange of innovative practices and experiences in singing,
  • Considering cooperation opportunities for the recognition of degrees, diplomas (ECTS) and certifications (EVCET) at European level and beyond, based on the example of the French experience.

Stéphane Grosclaude is Coordinator of Interregional platform (Plate-forme interrégionale) - France. PFI is an umbrella association of regional agencies for cultural development in the regions of France. Half of the members are « Voice mission » (Mission voix), specialised in vocal practices accompaniment : training for trainers, project development, structuring curricula and pathways, supporting voice projects and practices in many situations. PFI has also created recently a Competence Certification for Training a Vocal Groups in Popular A Cappella Music.
With this network and numerous partners in Europe and abroad, he has coordinated different cooperation projects, including "LEO Sings - Diversity of singing practices in Europe" (2013 - 2015), and the "Singing Roadshow - Mobile vocale academy" (began October 2017).

Stéphane is also JM International representative for the World Youth Choir Jury.

As a singer, he is part of the Chœur de l’Orchestre de Paris (Artistic Director Daniel Harding, Conductor Lionel Sow) and former opera singer.