Marta Raviglia

VOICE as BODY and BODY as VOICE - Workshop about Group Practice of Voice through Movement and Improvisation

Marta Raviglia will introduce her own research about the relationship among voice, movement and improvisation. The massive use of the body and improvisation in vocal warm ups positively affects the consciousness of the voice as a pure instrument. This approach to teaching vocal technique involves a deep relationship with the others and, in particular, with a group and this leads to a better level of communication – group practice enhances sense of trust through mutual exchange and contact. Vocalizing in movement and, at the same time, improvising using many different kinds of musical forms help developing in every student sensibility, creativity and the ability to listen. Respecting the uniqueness of a body is fundamental and every voice in the world is different because every body generating it has a different shape – so you cannot separate the voice from the body that produces it. Warming-up this way, there is almost no separation between practice and performance because students need to be very much concentrated on what they do and learn how to be effective on the use of their own instrument and, most of all, they become aware of the full technical and interpretational potential of their voices.

Marta Raviglia is a singer, composer, performer. Her research moves between jazz and contemporary music, songwriting and daring improvisation. She has sung as a soloist with Orchestra Jazz della Sardegna, Bulgaria State Radio Big Band, Coro del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Corale Polifonica Santa Cecilia (Sassari – Italy), Orchestra del Conservatorio «Bruno Maderna» (Cesena – Italy), Orchestra del Conservatorio di Musica «Francesco Morlacchi» di Perugia, percussion ensemble Odwalla, Franco Ferguson collective, Tower Jazz Composers Orchestra and with, among others, David Linx, Hamid Drake, Paolo Fresu, Gabriele Mirabassi, Roberto e Eduardo Taufic, Tino Tracanna, Ettore Fioravanti, Angelo ‘Lillo’ Quaratino, Tiziano Tononi, Lisa Mezzacappa, Gino Robair, Giovanni Maier, Giorgio Pacorig, Piero Bittolo Bon, Alfonso Santimone, Francesco Cusa, Vincenzo Vasi, Mauro Campobasso, Mauro Manzoni, Cristina Biagini, Maurizio Brunod, Pierluigi Balducci. She has worked with conductors such as John Tchicai, Bruno Tommaso, Paolo Silvestri, Giovanni Agostino Frassetto, Paolo Paroni, Eugenio Colombo, Gabriele Verdinelli, Pino Iodice, Mario Raja. Her long-time musical parterships include 'Vocione' with trombonist Tony Cattano, 'What About Dust' with guitarist Simone Massaron and 'Lost Songs' with pianist Simone Sassu. Her multidisciplinary partenerships include performances with musician/visual artist Manuel Attanasio, coreographer Alessandra Mura and writer Claudio Morandini. Composer Gianluigi Giannatempo conceived especially for her Lapses of Silence, a project for solo voice and jazz orchestra dedicated to the music of some of the most representative American composers of the 19th century. She has performed at many important festivals in Italy and abroad (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA) and recorded a lot as leader, co-leader and guest. She graduated in jazz music and, also, in American literature and currently teaches jazz singing at Conservatorio di Musica «Francesco Morlacchi», Perugia (Italy). She often holds workshops about improvisation and the interaction between voice and movement and was invited to present her own research in Helsinki for the International Jazz Voice Conference 2017, promoted by the Sibelius Academy.