Monika Kolasa-Hladíková

How to sense the body as an instrument (workshop based on oriental arts Qigong and Tai Chi).

Proper posture is one of the most important aspects of vocal training. Young people, who spend too much time on cell-phones, computers and tablets, have more and more problems with their bodies. We can explain to them the proper posture but in a short time the problem tends to return because of bad habits. Breaking these bad habits needs time and body awareness.

The ancient Chinese martial and healing arts can help achieve this change. Performing very slow and conscious movements trains the brain and helps the nervous system control and reshape the body.

Exercises I will present here influence posture, correct inappropriate ventilatory habits, change and strengthen the position of shoulders, neck and pelvis - the main factors essential to achieve a beautiful and powerful voice. Exercises based on Tai Chi stretch deep fascia and help the body to re-establish proper reflexes. They are also helpful to control tension in singers, due to stage fright or due to being affected by negative emotions during recovery from illness and for singers whose voices are affected by pregnancy and childbirth. Strengthening and relaxing of the neck muscles is important for relaxing of the jaw and proper phonation of high notes. The proper position of the lower back, shoulders and chest is very important for breathing and proper appoggio. The feeling of pelvic floor muscles holds body structure during phonation.

Monika Kolasa-Hladíková graduated (with honors) from the Department of Vocal/Acting Music Academy in Łódź and then received a scholarship for her post-graduate studies in Hochshule Fur Music Carl Maria von Weber in Dresden under Prof. Christian ElBner.
She perfected her musical talents while attending master classes of Teresa Żylis-Gara. In her repertoire she performs the alto part of the most important works of oratorio music. She performs in festivals of chamber, sacred and organ music with incredible conductors, pianists, organists, and chamber artists. She has held concerts in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Morocco, Switzerland, Denmark, the U.S.A., Ukraine, and Lithuania.
She has been for ten years a Prof. at the University of Jan Kochanowski in Kielce, now she teaches at the Highschool of Music in Łódź and at the Music Academy in Wrocław. She promotes Slavic music. She has published works regarding the artistic works of Antonin Dworak, Bohuslav Martinu, and Leos Janacek. She recorded the songs of these composers with pianists Georgij Kurkov and Aleksandra Nawe.
She is currently working on children’s voices’ themes, holds several methodological trainings and workshops for teachers and conductors.