Moacyr Costa Filho

Body movements performed with the aid of elastic materials in singing (lecture)

This paper presents the study of proprioception based on body movements performed with the aid of elastic materials such as Swiss ball (SB) and elastic band (EB) during singing. Based on the pedagogical assumption that muscular and vibratory sensations in classical singing are subjective and not easily perceived by novices or even veterans students, a vocal training program (VTP) created by the author was carried. It comprised physical and vocal exercises with the aid of SB and EB, respectively performed movements of jumping over the SB and pulling the EB, aimed at assessing the training impact on increasing proprioception and improving vocal quality in singing along time. The results of the study demonstrated that:
1. in the interviews, students’ reports suggest that the use of SB and EB increases the proprioception and improves the vocal quality in singing, and
2. by assessing listening tests singing teachers found that, for the majority of students, vocal training that uses SB and EB enhances phonation fluency in singing, which is consistent with the subjects’ reports during and after VTP.
Results suggest that SB and EB are potentially promising pedagogical tools for the awareness of singing technical problems.

Moacyr Costa Filho, tenor, he was born in Salvador, BA, Brazil, it acts as a recitalist and concert singer, and teaches in the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. Bachelor in Music Education, Bachelor in Music Performance (Singing), Master of Music (Music Education), in the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil, and Ph.D. in Music (Vocal Pedagogy) in the Universtiy of Aveiro, Portugal. He is a member of the National Association of Song Teachers (NATS-EUA), Brazilian Association of Music Education, and the National Academy of Music (ANM-Brazil). Currently, he is dedicated to the areas of vocal pedagogy and vocal performance, voice science, body movement, choral conducting and vocal coaching of choirs.