Françoise Vanhecke

The impact of ISFV® Inhaling Singing, a new extended technique

This lecture is a presentation about the impact of
ISFV®, Inhaling Singing in the vocal repertoire. This
new extended vocal technique, which has been developed during Fracoises doctoral research, is considered as a new expressive artistic art form of the 21st century. Empirical research is investigated compared to normal singing. Three different forms of ISFV®, such as ‘pure sounds’, ‘multiphonics’ and
‘vocal electronics’ can be combined with different
musical styles going from a capella to combinations
with other instruments and in different environments. Furthermore, an intensive collaboration with contemporary composers in
combination with Francoises own composer/performer/researcher background has made it possible to put ISFV® on the map of artistic expansion as well as to provide an understanding of this innovatory vocal technique. A mixture of different music styles and its role of expressiveness in the broad context of the musical landscape, combining bel canto and extended vocal techniques are presented and explained with specific music pieces. Throughout this work it was inevitable to develop a new uniform method of notation in order to enable composers to integrate IST in new compositions.

Dr. Françoise Vanhecke PhD, Belgian soprano, inhaling singer, pianist, actress, composer (Irma Bilbao), voice teacher, improvisator and soundpainter is a contemporary, daring, power performing creative artist and researcher with
many aspects. She uses as well bel canto, extended techniques, and improvisation into baroque and pop. She developed a new extended technique, ISFV® Inhaling Singing, with its new notation for composers during her doctoral research,
Françoise Vanhecke premiered more than 300 works. She received international rewards recordings for many different labels and worldwide performances on international festivals and theatres.
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