Aleksandra Popovska

From singer to reflective practitioner – performing in a multimedia environment implication on learning and teaching

In this presentation Aleksandra will talk about the process of doing an artistic research and reflective
practice, how it enhances the identity of a singer and performer and the implications for teaching
and learning. Especially when performing or composing in art forms that include more than one
medium, the research results provide insights and materials that are useful for the artistic
development of vocalists.

Through two audio visual projects which include voice, video and live signal processing, I will
point out typical issues that arise when working in multi-medial projects, such as:

  • the nature of interaction between the participants,
  • communication and collaboration challenges between artists from different disciplines,
  • processes of organisation and rehearsal
  • consequences for curriculum

This paper is intended to serve as a starting point for the discussion and consideration of some of the basic concepts and challenges encountered during creating and performing multi-media performance pieces and for developing a educational approach for live multimedia performance

Aleksandra Popovska (Netherlands/ Macedonia) is a singer, composer/improviser, teacher, multimedia artist. For more than fifteen years she has been active in the fields of music performance/culture, music education and music research. She has participated and performed in more than hundreds concerts/performances of different kinds across Europe, such as Rotterdam Opera Festival, Warsaw Autmn Music Festival, World Music Days (Rotterdam), Festival Ars Musica, (Antwerp), Macedonian Opera & Ballet (Skopje), 5th European Music Festival Europamusicale-music Mediterrana( Munchen), Music Meeting festival (Nijmegen), 16th International Gipsy Festival (Tilburg), etc

Her international music career began in 2000 as a vocalist and keyboard player in Dragan Dautovski Quartet, performing in over fifteen countries in the world. With this quartet she was working on the music for several theater plays and two ballets at the Macedonian National Theater and Opera. As a vocalist, she participated in recordings of more then twenty albums in different music genres and has performed on several movie soundtracks. Vocal soundscapes, multimedia works, paintings, photography, sound installations are part
of her tools for expression.

Next to performing, she initiated and participated in various educational projects and research, such as:

  • The role of artistic research practice and result application into the pedagogical work (European Platform for Artistic Research in Music (EPARM) April 23-25tх, University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz, Austria, 2015)
  • Creating a curriculum and coordination of Program in popular music at the SS.Cyril & Methodius University in Skopje as well as teaching voice in this program. (2011-2015)
  • Creative research “Transdisciplinary languague & design of innovative collaborative processes” (2010)
  • Possibilities for application of Dutch music & technology education model into Macedonian music schools (during 2007- 2008)