Malene Bichel

Singing with an open mind towards time, style and culture.

How do we teach a voice technique and a culture of voice training that is open to all styles and to the creation of new styles, so voice teaching and voice training does not only become historical and ethnocentric?

In this workshop we will let the voices sound and the ears listen and work with the creativity of the group and of the individual in the group. We will focus on the connection between musical meaning, use of voice and creativity. An underlying idea is that creativity and musicality depend on the singer’s ability to be present in a mindful way, present in a playful way and communicating in a natural way.

We will work with gibberish as a meta-language in communicative exercises. The methods presented have been used in the education of music teachers in Denmark and in projects with children of all ages in, Denmark, Egypt and Iran.

Malene Bichel is a Danish singer and voiceteacher. She is assistant professor at Metropolitan University College in Copenhagen. She is educated as a classical singer and specialized in contemporary art music, voice improvisation, group creativity and in education of music teachers and voice teachers. As a singer she often collaborates with composers and small ensembles of different instrumentation. She is founder and leader of the experimenting vocal group “Klangsaft” (juice of sound) in Copenhagen and Partner in the project “ears Wide Open- Intercultural Dialogues Through Creative Musical Processes” in which Danish and Egyptian composers singers and etnomusicologists explored nes approaches for intercultural musical education.
Malene did presentations in Eurovox Riga 2015, in ICVT Stockholm 2017, and workshops in, Iran, Egypt, Norway, and Germany.. Chair of the Danish Voice Association.