Helene Lux Dryselius and Susanna Metsistö

Helene Lux Dryselius

Susanna Metsistö

Presentation of Balance in Phonation Voice Training

BiP™ (Balance in Phonation Voice Training), applicable to both speaking voice and singing voice training in all music genres, has been developed by the Finnish speech pathologist and voice pedagogue Ritva Eerola.

BiP™ strives to find everyones personal body-mind connected unique voice and the exercises are meant to arise the psychophysical functions in the body and
help the student to understand how to benefit from the body's own work to enhance both expression and interpretation based on sustainable and
economical body functions.
By developing and strengthening the speaking voice at the speaking voice level, and to stay at that level even when singing, the BiP™ student will discover how the will power of the expressive words will, by itself, establish the suitable subglottal pressure. When this happens the student will FIND both his unique voice and his interpretation, instead of trying to DO the voice and the interpretation.

Approaching voice technique from this angle is a well-functioning pedagogy in voice training of both soloists and ensemble singers and for speakers of any kind. The use of the expressive text will enhance the acoustics and give the singer/speaker a tool to improve the joint work in musical collaboration and/or in spoken theater on or off stage.

Susanna Metsistö is a speech pathologist, poetry performer and a theater teacher. She studied logopedics in the University of Helsinki and theatrical skills in Theater Academy. She is working as a lecturer of voice production and care at the University of the Arts, Sibelius Academy, where she coaches, in addition to the voice production, also poetry performance. She also has a private voice
therapy clinic for - mostly - functional voice disordered persons. She is also Certified Course Instructor of BiP™ (speaking voice).

Helene Lux Dryselius, classical singer and voice pedagogue, is mainly educated
by Ritva Eerola, the creator of BiP™, but has also experience from work with
several renowened teachers within interpretation and opera directing. As a
Certified Course Instructor and Master Teacher of BiP™-Voice Training and with
more than 25 years of experience she runs her own "Vocalux Voice Studio".
Apart from the studio she arranges Masterclasses and gives lectures and
concerts at a freelance basis. Helene holds currently the position as a secretary
in the board of VoTS, Voice Teachers of Sweden.