Bo Rosenkull

Working with working-actions - a brief insight in a part of the Laban-YAT-system used in singing

In this presentation I want to give a brief insight in The working-action part of the Laban-YAT-system, and in what way it can be effective and serve as a complement in teaching singing. The method can be used both in individual lessons and in the work with choirs. It can be used as a tool both for technique and interpretation.

Rudolf Laban was a Hungarian-British dancer and choreographer who developed the modern dance-form away from the strict rules of the ballet at this time had. He developed a system with movements and approach to space and the body, inspired by the Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung. He made a system consisting of a tree where the crown of the tree consists of eight branches, the working-actions, the tree-trunk have four inner attitudes and the roots are four and they represent the externalized drives. Later the Swedish dancer and actor, Yat Malmgren, completed and developed the system. Especially the part of working-actions, or effort-actions, has proven to work well also when it comes to teaching singing. The eight working-actions are different combinations of weight (heavy/light), time (sustained/quick) and space (direct/flexible)

Bo Rosenkull works as senior lecturer at the Royal College of Music (KMH) Stockholm, and at the Academy of Music and Drama (HSM) at the University of Gothenburg. He was also earlier senior lecturer at University College of Music Education (SMI) in Stockholm. He teaches in vocals for musical artists, opera singers, church musicians and music teachers. He also teaches in pedagogy and ensemble. He worked many years as a singer, and sang mainly opera (Royal Opera, Folkoperan, Malmö Opera, Gothenburg Opera, Riksteatern among others) and church-music. Bo is a much appreciated voice-teacher, and has given masterclasses in Italy, South-Africa, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden. He is the president of Voice-teachers of Sweden.