Eric van Grootel

The energy movement of the sounds of language as a base for warm-ups and interdisciplinary cooperation

Every sound, vowel and consonant corresponds to a specific gesture. As singers we know they demand a well defined mouth position and breath flow, but they also work through our energy body. In order to correspond to this layer, teachers need mindfulness; a subtle combination of perception and awareness. In return they discover that this knowledge is as old as humanity and is constantly speaking to us from the source of nature and the stars. From this they are rewarded with an expanded definition of life and a way of collaborating with others that is open to the miracles bestowed on artists.

How can we use this principle as a basis for warm-ups and work with the voice, the body and the mind or in a combination with other stage disciplines ?

Eric uses his professional training and experience as a singer and philosopher in combination with international exchanges of shamanic, Buddhist and Christian tradition, with his international work as a stage director.

He works as a teacher of singing , speech, presentation techniques and applied consciousness with individual students, teachers, managers, choirs and theater groups.
Eric applies the ideas of Lamperti, Rhythmic Sound, Estill Voice Technique, Shakespearean Voice as well as Brecht's and Michael Tsjechov's acting techniques. He also uses shamanic voice and breathwork, inner voice dialogue and lucid dreaming, mantra and Sound Gesture.
He performs improvisation concerts, text declamations, multimedia programs and theatre songs.
He works as a director of musical, classical and modern theatre, opera, choir and multimedia performances. These have taken place in theatres, theatre schools and theatre festivals of many countries.
Eric is the author of a variety of theatre scripts, songs, choir compositions, poems and publications about art and science.
At this moment he is working on 'Life across a border', a book about dying.