Sarah Peire and Gert Leunen

Sarah Peire

Gert Leunen

Multidisciplinary care of the professional voice.

During this lecture Sarah Peire (singing teacher) and Gert Leunen (voice therapist) will present the multidisciplinary voice evaluation of professional voice users. Together with dr. Griet Laureyns (phonatrician) and Greet Meyers (voice therapist), they are part of the voice clinic at Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg Genk (Belgium). The voice clinic was founded in 2010. Since then, professional voice users and people with complex voice disorders consult the voice clinic. During this lecture, they will focus on the connecting force to guide professional voice users.

Gert Leunen is a speech therapist, who specialises in voice therapy and vocal coaching. In his own practice, Sonar Logopedie & Stemcoaching, Gert works with voice disorders of the speaking and singing voice. He also coaches professional voice users and singers. Gert does the assessment of voice disorders by professional voice users and singers at Stemcentrum ZOL. This is a multidisciplinary voice centre, led by Dr. Griet Laureyns, phoniatrician. Gert is also co-founder and vocal coach of Great Balls of Choir, a non-commitment pop and rock choir in Belgium.

Sarah Peire is a professional classical singer and psychologist. As a soprano she performs on stage. Next to her career as a singer, she also works as a vocal coach and singing teacher. She teaches at the conservatory of Bruges, is supervisor of practical training at the Ghent conservatory, is voice teacher in the Department of Music Therapy at LUCA school of arts, is vocal coach at Stemcentrum ZOL (the multidisciplinary voice center led by Doktor G. Laureyns, phoniatricion) and she is a trained certificated assistent of the Barthélémy-method.