Nobuyoshi Shima, Pianist/ accompanist masterclasses

Born in Hokkaido (Japan), Nobuyoshi SHIMA began studying piano at the age of four and was also interested in composition since childhood. He mainly studied composition until the master’s degree at the University of Fine Arts and Music of Tokyo (Faculty Geïdaï), where formerly Henriette PUIG-ROGET taught after her career as a professor at CNSMD Paris and chef-de-chant (Korrepetitor) at the Opéra National de Paris. Under her influence, he learned the basics of chef-de-chant and the notion of “musicien complet (complete musician)”, one of the greatest French traditions, and decided to come to France. He learned in the accompaniment class of Michel TRANCHANT at CNSMD Lyon and obtained his DNESM (National Diploma of Higher Musical Studies) Accompaniment in 2007. Winner at the International Competition Interpretation of the French melody of Toulouse in 2009 with soprano Heather NEWHOUSE. With this last and with Solenn LE TRIVIDIC he continues his studies in the international masterclasses of the Lied at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in seasons 2010-2012. His passion for vocal music has allowed him to work with singers and pianists during many masterclasses, concerts, workshops of great masters such as Udo REINEMANN, Peter SCHREIER, François LE ROUX, Margreet HONIG, Mariella DEVIA, Maria BAYO, Françoise POLLET , Helmut DEUTSCH, Hartmut HÖLL, Markus HADULLA, Alain GARICHOT, Ronald KLEKAMP, among others... Currently, Nobuyoshi SHIMA is a composer; accompanist of the singing class at CNSMD Lyon, musical director and chef-de-chant at the Pôle Lyrique d’Excellence of Cécile DE BOEVER, chef-de-chant at the Centre de la Voix Rhône-Alpes, editor-translator at Nihongakufu-Shuppansha (company of Tokyo Music Publishing). He works also often as a pianist or chef-de-chant notably at the Opéra National de Lyon, at the Saint-Etienne Opera, at the International Academy of French Music Michel Plasson, at the Academy of Choirs and Orchestra of Sylvanès Abbey, at the International singing competition of Mâcon (Symphonie d’Automne), among others.