Lieve Jansen

Chair of round table discussion

Round Table discussion

Besides Chair Lieve Jansen the following persons will take place around the round table:

  • Nelly Miricioiu
  • Peter Renshaw
  • Mary Hammond
  • Ulrike Sonntag
  • Tido Visser
  • Marc van Vugt

These people will be discussing about the thesis:
“The professional field of a singer is becoming more and more interdisciplinary and more and more complicated. Think of functioning in modern forms of music theater where a singer must be able to do much more than beautiful singing alone. He must be able to work with all kinds of colleagues out of other art directions and can be asked to use his voice in totally different ways than he learned in his conservatory time.
Singing is not an activity on itself anymore but becomes more and more a part of an artistic fusion”.

Lieve Jansen has a career as a concert and opera singer, voice teacher and researcher. She is an honorary teacher in Luca School of Arts in Leuven and was the titular of the Song Class for 10 years after an artistic research "In Tränen unendlicher Lust" about the actualization of the Song.

She is active as a guest teacher at various institutions, gives masterclasses singing and lectures about the voice at home and abroad. As a researcher she participated in various conferences including Pevoc and Pass and gave various presentations about her research.

She is president and co-founder of Evta-Be and board member of EVTA.