Eurovox 2015 in Riga

The Eurovox Congress took place in Riga, Latvia, June 18-20, 2015. It was a wonderful gathering of colleagues and friends from across Europe. Our host, LATS President Antra Jankava and her team had spared no efforts in preparing for an unforgettable event. The warm atmosphere and the Latvian national spirit climaxed in the celebration of Summer Solstice in the countryside outside of Riga where we made flower wreaths and danced around the bonfire in the white Nordic Night. The invited speakers and presenters were equally enthusiastic about the friendly, yet professional approach of the organisers. Financially Eurovox managed to turn out satisfactorily. The costs were kept to balance, aided partly by the remaining LEO project funds.

The programme of the congress

Special events

Training the Speaking Voice for This Century | Old traditions and new communication – By Kristin Linklater


How a posturoacoustic laboratory can help singers – By Joseph Quoidbach

Multidimensional aspects of human voice production | Anatomy and physiology from the standpoint of arts, mathematics and sound physics – By İlter Denizoglu

Scientific Secrets of Breathing for Singing – By İlter Denizoglu

History of Latvian Opera House – By Mikus Čeže

Latvian Vocal Music – By Jānis Kudiņš

Classical Singer’s Profession Today – By Martin Vácha

Lax Vox for Singing Voice Therapy – By İlter Denizoglu


Arias for Young Singers – By Barbro Marklund-Pētersone

From The Inside Out: Teaching Pop and Jazz Singing – By Ineke van Doorn

Ethnic Styles of Singing – By Sirkka Kosonen, Zane Šmite

Introduction to LEO Sings! – By Stéphane Grosclaude

Traditional Song – By Hannah Fahey, Zane Šmite

What must I do with my tongue in singing? – By Pilar Lirio Seminars

Pedagogy Symposium 1

Penelope Price-Jones. Pathways: A new teacher training course in the UK

Eleanor Forbes & Bettina Kerth. Continuing education opportunities for Singing Teachers in Germany

Pedagogy Symposium 2

Elizabeth Aubry. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the best voice teacher of them all?

Hannah Fahey. The Singers Voice: Rehearse, record, reflect and write

Pedagogy Symposium 3

Jaana Turunen. Group Singing Education of Beginners

Janine Magnin. ‘I like to sing’: Scaffolding performance learning around the school pupils’ self motivation

Marina Bizjak. Vocal technique with adolescent singers

Seminar: Spanish, French and German pronounciation and orthoepy

Pilar Lirio. Spanish vowel formants

Jean-Yves Bosse-Vidal. French accentuation in song

Nina Jokela. Professional singers’ way of German language pronunciation in the song cycle Frauenliebe und Leben

Warm-ups by Pedro de Alcantara and by Ineke van Doorn


Style and Comfort in Multi-genre Teaching, Part 1 and Part 2 – By Gillyanne Kayes & Jeremy Fisher

Six Exercises for the Integration of Body and Mind – By Pedro de Alcantara

Freeing the Natural Voice – By Kristin Linklater

Research Methodology for Singing Teachers | Parameters, Software, Statistics – By Pilar Lirio

Free Contemporary Improvisation for Singers – By Dana Indāne

Vowels, Harmonics, and Pure Joy – By Pedro de Alcantara

The Body Instrument | How the Body is Essential for Voice Quality – By Nana Fagerberg, Sophie Ziedoy

Intelligent Choir, an innovative methodology to empower conductors and singers in rock/pop/jazz/vocal music – By Jim Daus Hjernøe

Concert Designs – By Astrid Vang Pedersen

Voice Release Through Movement – By Izabela Jezowska

Voice meditation and voice improvisation – By Malene Bichel