European Voice Teachers Association (EVTA)

The European Voice Teachers Association e.V. is an umbrella organization serving teachers of singing across Europe. Founded in 1989 by a group of 20 visionary teachers, EVTA today represents approximately 4,300 individual members in 23 countries who teach singing in all current and traditional styles at all levels of singing including children and amateurs, students and high-level professionals.

Reflecting the diversity of European culture, the member organizations have individual profiles and vary vastly in size, scope and resources. Membership in a national association automatically grants individuals the privilege of taking part in EVTA activities.

The association was reorganised as a registered non-profit organization in Germany in 2004. 

The EVTA Council, consisting of representatives of each of the member associations, is the governing body and meets annually. The Executive Committee is responsible for project conception and the administration of the association.

EVTA endeavours to complement the work of the national associations by offering projects not possible on a national level, furthering networking and exchange, and forging into new developments in voice pedagogy and research.

Eurovox has been one of the main EVTA events since its first issue in 2006.

Young Professionals Programme (YPP)

The YPP is designed to enable young artists and researchers to participate in European conferences. It was initiated in Vienna in 2006 and still continues today. The selected artists will sing for Master Classes and presentations in various styles (music theatre, classical, contemporary, popular, folk, jazz, etc.) as well as perform in concert. Teachers and researchers will present their work in posters, free papers, lectures, or workshops.

How does it work? 

1) Our member associations may propose and agree to sponsor one or two young people just finishing training or embarking on a career of singing or teaching in all genres.

2) The singers send an application including a CV, letter of motivation, video and audio recordings of songs to the selection committee.  For teachers, an abstract of their research in the place of the recordings.

3) The committee chooses the most suitable candidates depending on the specific requirements.

4) EVTA organises accommodation for the group, rehearsal facilities and a final concert performance to showcase the singers in agreement with event organisers (Eurovox, ICVT, Jevop…)

5) To cover the costs of each event involving YPP, a specific financial agreement will be drawn up between all parties involved: EVTA, member associations, and the host country.

6) EVTA accompanies the YPP during the event by helping with repertoire, liaising with Master Teachers and presenters.

How can I become part of EVTA?

As an umbrella organisation, we first encourage you to contact your national voice teachers association, if any, and become a member of it. You can find the list of our member associations and their contact details here. A membership in one of our associations automatically means a member status in EVTA as well.

Individuals outside Europe and those willing to directly take part in EVTA’s activities can apply for the status of a Friend of EVTA which allows to join the EVTA family, although without representation in the Council. More on EVTA website!